Operators and Quality

We believe in quality and excellence in every aspect from fiber to fashion and strive to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction. We are working as per customer demand and expected value for money. Well experienced sampling operators and Quality team to make any kind of samples with first time pass capability.

Sahana has heavily invested in technology to digitalize the factory using Industry 4.0 and IoT.

Sewing IoT has been implemented to improve the performance of both the man and the machine.

To trace and monitor the garment's quality. We have digitised the AQL inspection process so that we can make better decisions and improve garment quality in real time.

100% of the fabric rolls on both the grey stage and the received lots are inspected using the four-point fabric inspection procedure to reduce cut panel rejections.

professional samplers and a quality team with the capacity to create any type of sample successfully the first time.

AQL cross audit in AQL-1.0 Level-II to manage end line checking errors and achieve a final rate of 100%.

Appropriate needle and sharp tool policies to protect both customers and employees from harm.

To prevent metal/needle pieces in final garments, metal detection devices with a 1.0 sensitivity level and a 24-point calibration system are used.