We are Sahana
Established in 1984 by Late Sri. N.Krishnaswamy, with over 40 years of experience in the industry, Sahana has grown to be a one of India’s largest vertically integrated garment manufacturing company.
We are a group of passionate professionals, with our goal to be one of the most preferred and trusted partner for major fashion labels and stores across the globe. Sahana strongly believes in Quality and Excellence in every aspect from Fibre to Fashion and strive to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction, with an emphasis on sustainability and social and environmental business practices.
Women Employees


Vertically Integrated


Towards Sustainability


Our Capabilities

with a spinning capacity of over 10 Tons per day

Production capacity of over 15 Tons per day 

Installed capacity of over 800 machines

processing capacity of over 15 Tons per day 

Consisting of more than 10 lines of machinery

Fully automated Sroque machines from Portugal 

Vertically Integrated

Sahana clothing is one of India's largest vertically integrated apparel manufacturer. The Sahana group of companies includes  a spinning mill with an in-house capacity of over 35000 spindles , our knitting comprises of over 30 circular knitting machines and our garmenting division houses over 800+ machines , including embroidery and printing machines from Japan and Portugal , our processing unit has the capacity to process over 13 tons of fabric/day

Pushing Boundaries

Pushing boundaries wherever possible has led Sahana to what it is now , as a leading garment manufacturer in the country it is our role to delight our customers with high quality products and always remaining firm in our commitments. Sahana has always worked towards Design , Innovation and Technology . At sahana the quality of our products motivate us to push our boundaries and excel in our work . Sky is not the limit at Sahana it is what we set for ourselves and pushing it further is what has lead us to a leading manufacturer in the apparel industry . We always motivate our employees to think outside our mental boundaries and this has evolved into creative efficient solutions to tackle our everyday issues in our organisation . 

To achieve absolute excellence , by becoming a 100% vertically integrated garment manufacturing company , to constantly evolve into a better being each everyday. To uphold and excel in our core principles . To always stay true to our commitments.

  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Passion for excellence 
  • Trust & Mutual respect
  • To focus on customers needs
  • Constantlyimprove in all aspects
  • Maintain a vibrant culture

To be the most trusted and preferred apparel manufacturer in the world , to be a global textile leader by providing a wide spectrum of innovative and creative  solutions in the large scale textile industry . 

Quality Assurance

At Sahana quality is not an act but a habit , Sahana is always passionate and committed to provide high quality products to our customers.

Quality and standard

we have implemented various norms and all products can't be shipped without being tested and approved.

world class Labarotary

All products are tested in our lab which comprises of market leading technology on various parameters.

Superior QUALITY

At Sahana we live by our commitments , to employee's and to our customers by providing impeccable quality in our products.














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