Environmental Sustainability 

Our company has always prioritised environment and its wellbeing over everything else , as we strongly believe  " that earth is what we all have in common" and its worth fighting for . we have taken various local initiatives by planting trees all around our campus  .our company reuses water at various levels . minimal water consumption has been incorporated through out our organisation . we strictly do not use banned dyes or intermediates .

Changing what we make

Renewable Action

We are moving towards complete self sufficiency and possible generating more energy than required . 


We are striving towards reaching the highest amount of energy efficiency  by wind ans solar energy . 

Water Management

we are moving towards reducing our water usage by 60% through advanced technologies and innovative ideas .

Make without harm

Our complete process from fibre to fashion and our end products will be going through significant sustainability criteria.

Be Zero Toxic

We strictly do not use banned chemicals and we are free of hazardous chemicals


Eco Friendly Initiatives

We use only ECO-FRIENDLY DYES in our processing unit 

We RECYCLE as much water as possible in our factories. 

Using only ORGANIC COTTON as our raw material.

all the energy used is provided by our own WIND MILLS.

Conservation Drives

We use LED LIGHTS which reduces the energy consumption .

All waste water is treated and RECYCLED as much as possible

Conserving as much ENERGY as possible . 

We strictly follow ZERO WASTAGE in our food consumption.