Sahana conglomerate has state of the art machinery with cutting edge technology , Sahana spinning mill houses market leading LMW machinery. Our group of companies are completely powered by renewable wind energy . We have more than 800 customised sewing machinery , from reputed global brands , along with highly efficient Lectra cutting machines with spreader. This machine is one of its kind, with 100% automation capability and precise cutting efficiency which is supported by CAD/CAM programming .

Manufacturing HIGHLIGHTS
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                       High quality.                             sewing machines 

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                     No of spindles installed                       as of 3rd August 2020

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            Increase in exports in                                           2018-2019

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              Growth in Revenues in                    2018-2019.

Green and Safe working Environment

State of the art technology with in design manufacturing

      completely powered by wind energy 

Usage of chemicals which are in compliance with Global standards

Fibre to Fashion

we have a spinning capacity of 12 tons per day . And our spinning mill houses various modern machines from LMW india and our high capacity machines are highly efficient in terms of productivity , energy consumption and environmental wellbeing.

Our company owned Sahana knitting mills , has world class toret circular knitting machines and has a production capacity of over 11 tons of fabric , it was started to meet are garment requirements.

our family owned Armstrong processing mills has state of the art dyeing machinery with an installed capacity of processing 13 tons of fabric a day and is tested by best in class laboratories, the unit can provide desired finishes on the garment with over 6 styles . our processing unit respects international environmental standards and do not use banned dyes or intermediates

With an annual capacity to produce over 9 million knitted garments , our campus is spread over 15 acres with world class production facilities , with machines from reputed manufacturers. we are equipped with the latest technology used in the industry, and our highly equipped infrastructure allows us to meet our customers requirements and send our goods prior the negotiated time. All pieces are tested by our in house laboratory before dispatching.
Our printing section houses 2 Sroque Machines from Portugal , it is compressed with the latest technology and with complete automation capabilities and custom tailored to our requirements . This machine supports 12 colours of placement printing, with a total of four outputs . We have a capacity of printing 50000+ pieces a day.

our embroidery Division consists of more than 10 lines of embroidery machines with high quality imported Barudan machines from Japan . we have a capability to stitch more than 10000 motifs and 5000+ special applique per day. with a capacity to complete over 3 million stitches per day.

Design studio
design and innovation are the key elements for Sahana as we are a design led company , and over the years we have developed our design studio which is based out of Amsterdam , Netherlands. Our design experts are actively involved in research and development , and constantly provide market based intelligence and trend forecasting from fibre to fashion . *our key priority is to continuously invest in designing to create products that are extraordinary yet simple and sustainable.

Manufacturing Technology

JUki sewing machines with electronic thread trimmers from Japan

Lectra cutting machine is one one of our highly efficient completely automated machine.

Pegasus sewing machines with electronic thread trimmers from Japan

      highly quality imported Barudan        embroidery machines. from Japan 

completely automated highly efficient sroque printing machinery from Portugal. 

extremely powerful circular knitting machines for supreme quality fabric 

  modern LMW machineries that               produces high quality           combed yarns .

Vast production of extreme high quality dyed yarns in our state of the art processing unit.







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