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At Sahana commitment is prioritised over every thing else, the return for our commitment is quality , on time delivery and sustainable initiatives people come here to create waves of impact across the country . Sales and marketing is our engine , which drives our company forward. Organised and efficient work is a priority at Sahana , which improves our productivity and quality and maintains efficient operation through out the company. 

Life At Sahana

Working at SAHANA means working at one of India’s largest vertically integrated company and one of the most developing apparel manufactures in India.Life at Sahana is all about little things and cherishing the moment,  We employ the most talented minds in the country across several parameters including :Production, Human resources , Business intelligence, marketing and Designing, Development , Laboratory, Sustainability, manufacturing Excellence , Quality control and many more . 

Our offices are located in coimbatore , Dindigul and Tirupur. our office spaces provide a comfortable and safe environment to work, we encourage and support initiatives and innovative Ideas, through which we create a strong relationship between the Management and staffs.  

Training Initiatives

We have multiple training centres across India , providing opportunities for innovation and experimentation and even touching lives , all of these possibilities are fashioned by staying true to our core values . We help build relevant and essential technical skills for our employees.

Recently we have launched the Samarth training programme , a company wide initiative to enhance production capacity from our  employees . Our training Centers have state of the art infrastructure creating a learning atmosphere and has the capacity to cater to a variety of training programmes.

Compliance, Health & Hygiene

We at Sahana follow all the local laws and take necessary precautions for medical emergency, no tolerance over involuntary worker , abuse of any kind on workers , Forced over time . Sahana incorporates  compliance standards of our global buyers , to Create a safe and comfortable atmosphere for our workers , There are various worker committees which ensuring workers receive necessary medicine , have a safe hygiene standards, provided with emergency equipments . These committees ensure every voice is heard . 

Employee Testimonials :

Ranjith Kumar

Senior Merchandiser

” Sahana provides me with a safe and comfortable atmosphere which allows me to complete the given task on time . The company has always appreciated my performance and considered my opinions”


Executive - Bills payable

” Sahana continues to holds its uniqueness in the apparel industry by providing high quality ,  large volume goods . Sahana has given me complete freedom to experiment and voice my  innovative ideas”


Executive - Audit

” As a women I am proud to work at Sahana , as more than 80% of its work force are women. Sahana has helped me explore my creativity through various programmes. Has constantly appreciated my projects


Executive - costing

I love working at Sahana , as it is professional driven with a diverse culture . it has conducted various CSR initiative . It is great eat to work with a company constantly evolving when required


Purchase coordinator

Over the 5 years of working with Sahana , the company has helped me grow professionally and personally. Sahana has been all about looking at things from different perspectives .

Our Approach

At Sahana we always worked towards building a community with an immense culture , and have been struggling towards sustaining the culture, we believe there is no ending to learning in our lives we are constantly learning from each other and from our work which empowers us to perform efficiently . our vital talent development programme which prepare’s our employees with the necessary skill and the ability to face challenges at any given situation , ultimately propelling them towards excellence

At Sahana we respect each and everyone regardless of their Religion , culture , race , practices or social background . No individual is forced to work under any circumstances . Sahana believes “childhood is to learn and not to earn” . Sahana has always maintained an honest and open form of relationships with our employees. Safety is ensured in every aspect of our factory . there are various programmes to spread awareness on health and safety and the necessary safety procedures are taught in the case of an emergency . there is a full time nurse taking care of our workers safety and a visiting doctor if needed. 

more than 80% of our workforce are women . Sahana strongly opposes  gender inequality of any form and supports women empowerment. Both men and women are given the same salary and moreover the principle of equality is applied over everyktage of our organisation. Sahana has always supported women reach their full potential professionally and at a personal level . Sahana has supported and encourage women to break social barriers and the societal pressure to join the workforce .  Sahana believes that “women must not accept she should challenge” . Sahana has been constantly developing workspaces to be a comfortable  space to work and create a learning atmosphere which allows for creativity.

Being one of India’s largest vertically integrated garment manufacturing company , Sahana has a major responsibility to ensure our employees are safe , respected , comfortable and support them in reaching their potential . Our employees go through a wide range of activities involving skilled work , who we train under our own training Centers in Tamil Nadu and Odisha to highly skilled tailors. Sahana has incorporated all compliance standards to ensure our employee’s  safety .