We aspire to work responsibly everyday as a company and as individuals , in regard for people , the community, and our environment. as one of the major employment provider for the unskilled or under skilled workers it is our responsibility to compile to the legal , ethical and statuoary requirements. At Sahana CSR (corporate social responsibility) is the commitment towards businesses run ethically and economic development while improving living standards of our work force. we are trying to create a better community and support our society by empowering work folks. Our core values helps us align our growth with the development of people and the community.

Environmental sustainability

The energy consumed in our garment division and spinning division is completely provided by our own renewable wind energy, we are constantly investing on methods to conserve water and efficient waste management. we have a water recycling plant built inside our campus which could recycle 70% of the water consumed.

Skilling and training

Skill development and building essential skills is very crucial , The Samarth training centre in our factory, contains 50 machines to help workers build necessary technical and soft skills . Sahana technical apparel institute located in Odisha, this centre helps in empowering the rural population by upgrading their skills in the technical platform.

Health and Wellbeing

Preventing and raising awareness on the importance of basic hygiene and explain its implications . we provide easily accessible first aid kits for all departments, we have a nurse who takes care of the basic medical requirements.We maintain high hygiene standards in all our departments and dining spaces ensuring the safety and well-being of our workers.

Women empowerment

More than 80% of our work force are women, we promote equality and equity among men and women. We help our female workforce achieve their full potential by providing constant support and through motivations. We have conducted various workshops to improve their proffesional and personal lifestyle . Our training centers increase efficiency of work capacity with the desired quality.

Social Commitment

Sahana has always been part of the local community and contributing in various ways , sahana has always encouraged work spaces to be a platform for sharing knowledge . Sahana has always supported and empowered people to facilitate higher education and understanding their potential. Sahana is helping a local school upgrade into a higher secondary school.   The work force at Sahana , is offered vocational training on technical skills to enhance their productivity and efficiency .

CSR and Factory certifications include :