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Our Organisation

Established in 1984 by Late Sri. N.Krishnaswamy, with over 40 years of experience in the industry, Sahana has grown to be a one of India’s largest vertically integrated garment manufacturing company.
We are a group of passionate professionals, with our goal to be one of the most preferred and trusted partner for major fashion labels and stores across the globe. Sahana strongly believes in Quality and Excellence in every aspect from Fibre to Fashion and strive to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction, with an emphasis on sustainability and social and environmental business practices.

Managing Director

Mr. K Prabhushanker

Our Strengths


all data in sahana is entered and monitored in our customised software which allows for easy tracking and accountability . 


Sahana has always incorporated various ideas and have been conscious making policies which are worker centric 


Sahana has always been experimental with various policies and actions and have always kept in mind peoples welfare . 

Our Legacy

Sahana was established in 1984 , by the name of Saravana spinning mills , our first ever factory was situated in the district of Dindigul . This company was started by N.Krishnaswamy , a pioneer in the textile industry ,with over 50 years of experience .  even at those times it was one of the largest mill in south Tamil Nadu . As the years went by the company started to grow in every aspect , the company was expanded and started its second unit in the same district . in the late 2000’s we ventured into the apparel industry and started our first ever garment factory in the district of coimbatore ( Sahana clothing company) . this is were the company took a bold step and moved towards vertical integration . the garment industry allowed for innovation and experimentation and further on to massive expansion . Due to constant fine-tuning of quality and staying true to our commitments made us a true leader in the industry . later a dyeing unit and the knitting unit was setup to support garmenting and moved towards complete vertical integration and has now become one of india’s largest vertically integrated apparel manufacturing company . 

Global Presence

As one of india’s leading vertically integrated apparel manufacturer, our company has a prominent presence in the Global Market.


Sahana clothing is vertically integrated and self supported , this includes providing for our own energy through solar and wind energy . 


Sahana has always been synonymous to quality and we have been producing exceptional quality in the industry. 

Our Story


the first unit was the spinning unit which was setup in Dindigul by late N. Krishnaswamy


our family owned Armstrong dyeing unit was setup in Gobi , with yarn and fabric dyeing.


First garment unit was established in 2005 with an initial capacity of  over 600 machines.


Sahana knitting mills was established to meet our garment requirements, and be self sustainable

Why work with us ?


-   To do the BEST

-  To do what is RIGHT

-  One common GOAL

-  Own your ACTIONS

-  For every VOICE

-To stay true to our COMMITMENTS 

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